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skleničky na bílé víno a sklenice na martini a koktejly Rainbow

Martini a koktejly
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Viola 350ml1 ks, stříkání D4641
Set of white wine glasses. The set has 6 glasses, each with a different color as shown. This white wine glass is suitable for serving mostly white wines, but some spirits or dulled wines can also be served. The glass is distinguished by its classic, yet unique shape, reminiscent of a lightly opened tulip - the body of the cup is bulbous and closes to the throat to perfectly accumulate aromatic beverages. When choosing a white wine glass, tend to prefer smaller sizes. These glasses are recommended for sweet and dry white wines as well as some varieties of liqueur wines such as port or sherry. The glasses are delivered in a special Gift Pack with Rainbow Decorations. In the right glass, your favorite drink will taste much better. For choosing a good glass, you can use our glass jar guide. Crystalex is a traditional Czech glass manufacturer. The glassworks is characterized by its automated production and use of high quality crystal glass called "crystaline" without the use of lead (so-called lead-free glass). Its advantages are high transparency and mechanical resistance. Precisely shaped, thin-walled, smooth-edged cups give you the finest wines, elegant tinsel highlights the taste of other, equally popular beverages. Crystalex glasses are the adornment of every festive board and also serve as a convenient addition to informal meetings. Unpainted glass is suitable for dishwashing. Each of the products intended for contact with food is subject to strict health regulations.Its quality is certified by the appropriate institute.
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